Picking the Wrong God

My own thoughts scare me

when I think they’re only me

how am I to stand up to the core of all I believe

and face such a force as The Divine

with devotion from such a frivolous notion

as myself can only be asinine

one speck of sand

on an endless sleep of stars

in the corner of God’s eye

He wipes with His hand

after a busy eternity

I mean I’m imagining spending day and night

following the sacrosanct rules of life

dreaming of getting into the VIP room of the afterlife

only to find

I was blind

all access denied

I picked the wrong horse

each blessing a curse

I read the wrong rule book

stalked the wrong God

cause I slept walked

smack into a moving hearse.


9 thoughts on “Picking the Wrong God

  1. Steven Myers

    i’m reminded of bill lee being unofficially banned from baseball after the 82 season.
    he attached glove, spikes, and chewing tobacco to a stick….joisted yet another rebel flag over his shoulder and roamed the mountain side in search of a game with new brunswick apparently one of his favorite spots,… at 3:00 minutes into this video, lee says,
    “I’m 4-0 in new brunswick. i got an era of 1.00. i’m hitting .400
    and i catch 20 trout a day. so what the hell? what a way to punish me.”

  2. Steven Myers

    or hoisted, but in a rebel’s predicament, a joist maybe has a sharper edge for the incomings
    and if i didin’t say so already, your poem here is a blueprint
    for perseverance in life long wrestling.
    i love it! superb!

  3. granbee

    Peter, the only way you “pick the wrong God” is by looking in the mirror too long, figuratively speaking! Honestly seeking, being still, truly “seeing” the wonders of creation: these practices will teach you “the right God”. However, I understand your query here: we have all experienced such thoughts if we have thought at all of the eternal!

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Rose! I like your quote: “The only way you pick the wrong God is by looking in the mirror too long.” Wonderful. I wish I had written this, but, I am glad someone (you) did.

  4. Louise Jaques

    Peter, hey! Here is something I’d really like to hear your take on. I notice in this poem (which, incidentally, I love) that you have used a rhyming scheme. How do you feel this affects the way you write? Sometimes when I try to give it a go I find myself restricted by the fact I only have a select few words to choose from and I push myself into a frustrated corner that only free verse can get me out of. But you do it so seamlessly! Any tips? Why did you choose to do it this way?

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Louise! First, welcome back to the land of health! Great to hear from you again! And to answer your question: I don’t set out to write with a rhyme scheme. See, it shouldn’t be a scheme, it should just breathe like the poem wants. So, I write a first draft and do my best not to get in the way of the poem. After, I look at the poem and try and clean it up. If I see there is the semblance of rhyme or rhythm, I try to bring it out the next draft by changing words to their synonyms that rhyme. Point being: write first, rhyme second.


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