What Do You Get When You Cross Business With Entertainment?

My Song begins a rags-to-riches tale

skyscraper boom could echo economic bust

feast for the eyes, starvation for the heart

pays tribute to artist who was much-loved cultural force in city

unplugged futures

Justin begins album for true Beliebers

warns previous data audits unreliable

Lohan fights back against paparazzi

files for Chapter 11

FDA finds fungicide in orange juice imports from Brazil, but Health Canada not concerned

raises the possibility

Halle Berry set to tie the knot again

oj flows into Canada despite U.S. embargo

pipe-line nearly done


Robin Gibbons opts for alternative medicine

to offer service to Washington

fears grow over

ghost of Sheen can’t derail CBS

two Chinese shows dancing worlds apart.


I played by the same rules as yesterday, with one twist: I mixed two sections instead of just one. Oh! and I sold my soul, cause if you see, my only tags are ‘poetry’ and ‘Justin Bieber’. 

4 thoughts on “What Do You Get When You Cross Business With Entertainment?

  1. granbee

    You hit a home run with “Beliebers”!! I really, REALLY like this combination of news sections. Might as well, huh, because they are actually totally embedded in each other in real life.(pph, that was a really bad pun!)

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Rose! Combining sections certainly gave more poetic licence. I like challenges, but, the hardest part was not allowing myself the ability to clean up all the obvious breaks in flow and meaning. Still, I was faithful (read: shackled) to the rules. Today’s post feels even more liberating than usual, cause, I’m back to free verse. I feel like my fingers can breathe again.

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Thank you! I guess Beliebers are not Bepoetry-readers, cause, I got about the usual amount of hits. I guess next time I should just title my post: Justin Beiber Needs You To Read This.


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