Poem Stolen From Headlines

Milky way has billions of potential ‘Earths’

it wasn’t all diamonds

raises safety concerns

Canadians live in the shadow of death

PM apes looney Republicans

talking tough love

art cuts for cut’s sake

my heart is bleeding

crazy like a box

wedding reshoot demanded despite divorce

Pentagon probes disgusting war video

ABCs of hope rise out of disaster

builds up war chest

start producing insulin

it’s too much snow even for Alaska

word of the year is…

go big or go home

these scandals are really about values.


Hello again, fancy meeting you here. Lovely to see you, My Favorite Reader. I mentioned a few posts back I was planning to try a poem taken straight from the headlines. Voila. The previous poem was taken from the front section of the Toronto Star, Thursday January 12. The rules I stuck to for better or for worse, were: all the words had to come from headlines only found in the front section. Also, all words must come from a phrase, no individual word could be used. No new word could be added. This goes against every instinct I feel about how poetry should be limitless, still, it was fun to do. So much so, that don’t be surprised if in the near future you read poems taken from the Life, Entertainment, Business, or Sports sections. If anyone out there tries this with their local paper, send me a link. I’d be very curious to read the poetry in your papers.


4 thoughts on “Poem Stolen From Headlines

  1. Steven Myers

    well that works, maybe it’s my own read play,
    but safety concerns seem to descend
    into hidden fears and their corresponding behaviors
    like cuts, bleeding hearts, crazy, wedding security,
    disaster, war, disease
    with insulin and hope as big and valuable elixirs.
    i always liked the way newspapers and newscasts jumped
    from 4-alarm fires to ribbon cutting ceremonies to the weather
    all in the same breath.

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      I’m glad you see the news the same way. And why does the weather guy always seem to need to apologize for the bad weather? Do you ever see the anchor apologizing for the stabbing in the city’s east end? “Sorry about the stabbing in the city’s east end, I just really enjoy stabbing people there.”

  2. granbee

    Hey, Peter, we need to get SOME pleasure out of the news, right? Excellent first effort here, the pairings were quite amusing and unfortunately, only too predictable!


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