Traveling at the Speed of Touch

A second chance needs a first mistake.

Are we smarter the first attempt or the second? Instinct lost for wisdom gained?

Like the calculator made the abacus dumb

we’re faster now, but are we any smarter?

Same numbers, same equations, one times two bottles of wine equals intoxication.

Are we the inebriation of what we’ve drunk, or, the hangover?

The baby needs to touch the element once to know it’s hot.

Twice and the baby’s a fool.

Never and the baby never knows, the mind never grows.

If you could get everything out of life with a flick of a wish, would you make it?

Why wouldn’t you?

How couldn’t you?

Who buys a lottery ticket hoping to lose?

Yesterday’s wisdom is today’s common sense.

The first man to get hit by a car crossing the street

taught the rest of us to look both ways.

Marry in haste repent in leisure

written by a man who saw too much too soon

and not enough later.

We’re all smarter than we know we know

though we did not knowingly grow the bodies we grew

which means we’re dumber than we don’t know we know

you know though you just didn’t know how you knew.


12 thoughts on “Traveling at the Speed of Touch

  1. granbee

    The eternal mysteries do lead all of us into every larger circles if we keep looking outward, into ever more concentric circles if we stop leaning outwards towards broader and broader horizons.

  2. hollyannegetspoetic

    “like the calculatior made the abacus dumb” – nice. Lots of thoughtprovoking questions here… No, we don’t know how clever we are, but sometimes people who think themselves clever don’t realise how daft they’re being.
    Also, if you want to put babies near hot things, I’m not letting you babysit my imaginary baby… Even if it’s all part of the education!

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      I understand your feelings about me babysitting your imaginary baby. I have several imaginary friends and a couple imaginary enemies I wouldn’t introduce to people like me. Still, one of the best parenting moments I ever witnessed was when my friend, Laurie, let her baby daughter Grace, pull on a table cloth sending a plastic cup down to bonk the baby on the head. Laurie could have so easily stopped it, and I asked why she hadn’t (she had been sitting right next to baby Grace and we could both see what was coming). She replied: “She needs to learn not to do that.”

      1. hollyannegetspoetic

        Yep. A plastic cup makes much more sense. I actually came within milimetres of accidentally doing the same thing to myself last night with a steaming hot mug of tea! Though that was just clumsiness…

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