My Favorite Element

Hand me water it slips


through fingers water your eyes water my eyes water

eighty percent water

flowing like water

Niagara Falls water, Dead Sea water, garden hose water

All H2o: water

Nile River water, Mississippi River


fresh water to salt water

remember to water your plants

water down drinks, water down language, water down desire

water, we’re all water

nothing but water

fish in water, swim in water, drown in water

sharks in water fish you

water down sadness, water down life

water’s our essence

water the tears, water the roses.


Hi, it’s me, Peter. I don’t usually add post scripts to my poems, cause they should really speak for themselves, but tonight, I can’t resist. This was written as a poetic dare to see if I could write a poem where every third word was the same.  I choose ‘water’ cause it’s been on my mind (and brain) for a while. I find myself most closely associated with this element of all the four, or, five to any Hindus reading. (Nameste.) My next challenge is to write a poem from the the day’s headlines in the newspaper. Anyone got any other poetic challenges? I find they help beat writer’s block.

Thank you for bringing these words to life. I appreciate the resurrection you’ve given me.


14 thoughts on “My Favorite Element

  1. planaquarium

    What a clever writing device – you certainly met the challenge; this piece flows with unforced ease, and with swirling depths of meaning. Well done!

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Thank you for the encouragement, Planaquarium! I think you fortunate to have a photographer’s eye to be able to frame the poem. Me? Sometimes I’m reduced to crossword puzzles to figure out what I want to say.

  2. Steven Myers

    you know i have to do this fellow baseball compadre
    …a watered down sparky anderson infield grass.
    i think anderson actually did this in 1984. he instructed the groundscrew
    to let tiger stadium grass grow in order to slow down sinker ball grounders.
    poem for a newspaper headline. excellent idea

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Well, you know Sparky got what he wanted that year. I remember the ’84 Tigers as a team of destiny starting back in April. The Jays had a hell of a team that year, but, after the Tigers ran out front 35-5, there was no catching their tail.

      1. namelessneed

        I remember sparky fining a player for saying in a Detroit News Press column highlighting the players, when they asked the player about his favorite read, he said Playboy…
        We can’t have the kiddies hearing that from there heros now can we?
        Also, he was a reactionary old world coach that forbade facial hair on his men under his watch,Fines! here too, probably for the same reason(It was the effin 60’s for god’s sakes) Wise up, Captain, and Peace, man

      2. cottonbombs Post author

        I don`t know how to respond to this so I will just start typing and hope my fingers figure it out with these keys. You are baiting me to get into a discussion of the late great Sparky Anderson. I am always up for a chat on baseball. You seem to be against the man, and I can`t argue against your example of facial hair censorship. I am all about freedom. Johnny Damon won looking like Jesus on the Red Sox and watched other teams win with a clean close shave and haircut on the Yankees. Still, Sparky got what he wanted in 75 and 76 and 84, so, who knows what works.

      3. Steven Myers

        i wonder what managers make up all the time greatest/worst censor(s) list?
        sparky enforced that black shoes policy in Cincy as well, but as you point out,
        he won and he endured (6th most wins all time including world series trophies in both leagues) This may or may not be trivial, depending on all the other variables,
        but anyway, sometimes censorship seems necessary and effective. I can think of times when I imposed a rigid discipline on myself that included a variation of censorship. I guess it depends on the situation. A rigid policy applied with no consideration of a team’s makeup and other factors seems doomed to fail at one point, but then again, if a manager endures long enough, I guess the circle of factors required to win (in his censor system) will orbit around. Bobby Knight’s system worked because he created a very specific roster with recruiting of the “best” athletes left to other schools.

      4. cottonbombs Post author

        Cito Gaston is the reason I can’t get into a discussion about managers with any faith that I know what the hell I’m talking about. I was never a Cito fan, even though I saw the man turn a losing team into a division winner in ’89 and then take back to back World Series in 92/93, still I wasn’t satisfied with the man’s work, cause I disagreed with every pitching change he ever made. Then, when he came back 2008, suddenly the Jays go from losers to winners for the rest of the season. Then 2009 was more of the same frustration with his calls to the bullpen. Cito must’ve done something right, cause the team (for awhile) responded under him. Still, I always felt I knew more than Cito did.

  3. granbee

    Peter, I am SO glad you chose “water” to repeat every third word. This element, after all, makes up most of what we are and where we live on Planet Earth. Why do you think the one element NASA wants to find somewhere out there is WATER? I am looking forward to your poem including a headline! Here is another challenge: Write a poem solely consisting of the first 20 words you either hear or speak after getting up in the morning. The poem should be written so as to take a 180 degree turn away from the context and the meaning in the original spoken/heard 20 words that day.

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Rose! I love your idea of the first 20 words spoken after getting up. I am so sensitive to the first word out of my mouth each morning, feeling it could set the tone for the entire day, but, I couldn’t give a shit about the second. This will make me try harder to keep that sensitivity for at least 19 more words. I’m excited to wake up tomorrow and get to work. Thank you for the inspiration.


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