And Haiku Set Me Free

Yesterday will be

here at midnight. Make the bed

she will stay the night.


Black: everything is

the new you, even skies unseen

look so good on you.


You’d never notice

the longest night of the year

with your eyes closed.


My eyes see the stars

even through the mid day sun

I lunch with Aries.


Lost notes to myself

buried in a pile of paper

next to this keyboard.


I pick up my pen

and shape you out of haiku

eyes deeper than seas.


I don’t really know

if you’re the itch I must scratch

or its memory.


If a tree does fall

in the forest, taped not heard

it’ll sound in playback.


Voices of the dead

infinity’s symphony

sing through my speakers.


Our song sings post us

this is the sound track to hell

thank God for earplugs.


I’m so over you

I need to call you right up

and tell you I’m well.



6 thoughts on “And Haiku Set Me Free

  1. granbee

    Peter, I followed all of this pretty well, but I would like to see you write more about seeing Aries at noon day sometime. Forgive this astronomy buff, okay? I especially approve the way you ended with admitting your claim to being “over” someone, yet not be able to wait to call them to let them know you are well (without them?) HMMMMM…….so very Peter-y of you!

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Rose! It’s hard to get into the significance of Aries and astrology in the confines of 17 syllable poetry, I just hope my reader connects what they know about this pattern of stars and astrological sign. And if that knowledge adds up to a grand total of nothing, I hope the reader has enough imagination in the tank to make something up. And as to the final haiku, thank you for conjuring up the first time I’ve heard my name used as an adjective. I’ve been a noun many many times, a verb, and once even a conjunction, but this is the first time I’ve read me in adjective.

  2. Louise Jaques

    These are brilliant Peter. There is so much to be said for the longest day of the year one, especially. You could inspire many people with this simple, yet shattering sentiment. Love them!

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Louise! It’s amazing what you see with your eyes closed all at the expense of the expanse of the reality around you. It’s like sitting on a train. You gotta pick a side and a window and that will be your memory. Thank you for looking through this particular window.


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