Global Warming: How to Make it Work For You

Smoking in cancer

you tell me you are depressed

what am I to say?

Are we the diner

who stood after his dinner

thinking, ‘is that it?’

Or are we something

indescribable in script

mouthed only by kiss?

Because I taste you

when we’re together kissing

but apart I’m dry.

This your depression?

I think it is more than this

something visceral.

No, intellectual

as profound as mind itself

seeing what’s coming.

Love, death, all above

sent down to us to lift up

scrapes and scraps dissolve.

Be happy be sad

bathing us in tidal waves

cleansed and killed at once.

Know that I know you

and I love how I know you

though we will both die.

This isn’t your sad

it’s deeper even than death

and the life beyond.

Gods are fairy tales

to children to keep them young

atheists alone

learn God the hard way

like we learn that even love

can’t turn rain to sun.


4 thoughts on “Global Warming: How to Make it Work For You

  1. redplace

    Harsh, yet contemplative. I especially liked “This isn’t your sad” which makes me feel that we are all sharing this pain. Or simply, we share this reality. It is something we are all connected to. Excellent writing as always 🙂

  2. granbee

    “Atheists alone learn God the hard way”….thank you from the bottom of my writer’s heart for that line, Peter! Yes, I can see how global warming would be a boon to these two people sharing a slow death journey! Cleansed and killed at once are we travelers giving succour to each other. We are born to die, the cycles of this earth tell us that.

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Rose! Thank you for your insight once again. I was timid to title it this, wondering how and who would even attempt to connect the poem to its ridiculous title. You see. Thank you for allowing me, once again, to write trusting my reader.


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