Light by Night

We all share the stars

isn’t it amazing to think

all the richest, poorest, most desperately hopelessly lost traveler

share heavenly bodies

those same stars that lead Columbus across the Atlantic

though he was itching for India

got him lost to get me found here

lost in the night writing about the man who introduced my mother to my father 5oo years ago

and didn’t even know how much he saw when he saw that the horizon frowned at its edges

we all share these stars

though history has been written and rewritten a thousands times over

those supernovas dance over us

whether we know how to read them or not

to some they’re no more than lost light

to others they find sight

and still to others they paint patterns called constellations upon the heavens

a puzzle waiting to be solved

the Sudoku of the skies

we all share the stars

like newspapers left on subway seats

all night long to be read and reread by a dozen set of eyes

all reading the news differently

a Jew grinds his teeth for his homeland

a Palestinian runs his tongue across his teeth for his

we all share the stars

but only one guy got to finish the Sudoku.


10 thoughts on “Light by Night

  1. granbee

    Some of my favorite phrases in this post: “the horizon frowned at its edges” and “a Palestinian runs his tongue across his teeth for his” and finally, “only one guy gotto finish the Sudoku”. What a student of history and current affairs and gaming you reveal yourself to be here, Peter! (Not to mention astrophysics or geology!) Congratulations and much gratitude for raising my soul’s eyes back up to the stars! This will be one of my favorite bombs of 2012, I can tell right now!

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Rose! I am always happy you find something in what I write. My only fear in your reply is that you think this will be one of your favorites for the year and we haven’t even finished the first week of 2012. I guess I gotta work harder to make you forget those words. I like the challenge. Great big smiles to you!

  2. Louise Jaques

    The thing I love about your poetry is the multi-layered aspects to it. Here you have something that goes up and further with each passing line and I think that only the most important poets can achieve this. The way you finished this was also a stroke of poetical genius. And I can’t stand Sudokus…pointless things!

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Louise! This poem just fell out last Friday night and I topped it off last night. I am so glad that wherever this came from found a target in you. The Sudoku was the very last piece to fit in this puzzle, because, I never think of it either; I’ve never even attempted one. I like to play with words not numbers. Give me a crossword any day.

  3. Daisy Altug

    I think, you’ve been found and felt the idea of oneness consciousness in your life time. I hope all of us in the world find and feel the idea of oneness consciousness. You are explaining in a very simple form that amazes me.
    I’ll never stop myself to read your writings. Thank you. I’m glad to know you. God is in you. You are in god.
    I hope I could explain what I think. If not, no matter, at the end of the day we all share the same stars.

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Daisy! And I am glad to know you! I am flattered that my words could add up to anything looking like anything resembling inspiration within you. And of course we all share the stars. It proves the universe at its ultimate is fair.


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