The Light Coming Up 5th Avenue

Seeing the last strands of sunlight brushed like bangs across the faces of the buildings

as the darkening sky chews through candy floss clouds

the city skyline silhouetted like eyeliner

skyscrapers standing tall against the smouldering sunset

replacing sunlight with electric light beamed in by the power of nuclear energy

like makeup will outlive the beauty of the Playboy bunny

like a good makeup artist or a cheap scarf can hide the lines time rings your neck

but all the airbrushing only exists within the framework of one particular photo

the universe has a knack at ironing itself out

with time

counterclockwise high tide low tide steam cleaned tie dyed sheets of music and sunsets

lipstick left in tissue tossed away never to be red again

till dawn tomorrow where the glass of the buildings will wear the latest threads of the sun.


4 thoughts on “The Light Coming Up 5th Avenue

  1. granbee

    Oh, yes, yes, yes! The universe DOES have a knack of ironing itself out with time. Such wisdom. Congratulations on this one, Peter! Writing about night and day changes of light in parallel to manmade light changes, then equating that with the way we use makeup on ourselves–just brilliant!

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Rose! Thank you always for your dedicated feedback. Have you ever been to New York City, cause it is almost claustrophobic the sense of the buildings looming over you that this energy pushed my fingers to this poem, though I wrote it in Toronto. A very happy New Years to you!

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Thank you, Betty! That was the very last correction I added to the poem before posting. It was there all along, but, it was not till the final draft that it got play. Thank you again for reading and with such eye.


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