The Truth in This Lie

There’s no truth to this poem only lies which is a truth unto itself

so after a line I’ve already lied telling there’s no truth which is true by being a lie

if the whole world lies then it is a truth to lie

it takes just one to stop it from being an Absolute Truth

could you be so bold as to spit in the face of Truth?

We all need food we all need to be watered we all need to love and lie

cause we feel sometimes if we don’t lie we cannot love.

That’s why we made up white lies

and we separate them from goddamn lies

and God forbid if ever the twain should meet.


One thought on “The Truth in This Lie

  1. granbee

    A very, very strong message here about our common human failing of dependency on white lies to smooth the path of love! Also, I really like the way you addressed the “absolute truth” perennial question. This truth/lies/love triad should not leave our minds all year!


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