When The Words Can’t Even Find Themselves To Say

I see you between the lines of the blinds

through my eyes, through my windows

I miss you with eyes open wide

we are only what we were

when what we were was weeks behind

now you’re tying to sneak by

cloaked in night and time

is there a statute of limitations to a good bye?

Isn’t every good bye taken back at hello?

Still good bye defines us when it’s our last line

spliced between the lines of these blinds

underlying the two words that meant to rhyme and

came up just short.


8 thoughts on “When The Words Can’t Even Find Themselves To Say

  1. hollyannegetspoetic

    Beautiful poem… interesting end about things not quite rhyming.. It could be said that all the best poems (and human relationships) are more interesting in the way they don’t quite work conventionally… but then I’m a lazy poet and only rhyme by coincidence! 😉

  2. granbee

    Yep, some sneaking by without goodbye; they definitely came up short. YOU, on the other hand, will leave those blinds alone and rest and wait for the light of a new day.


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