To Give Light to Death

I’m sitting in the exact same pew the woman who is in the box once sat.

I’m thinking we are not born to mourn

it’s something we get good at.

See the faces of the North Koreans weeping over the body of the man who enslaved their own.

See the faces in these pews whose dry eyes see this as a death to set her free to see the unknown.

It’s in our DNA and RNA and IRS and Death and Taxes taxes us the same way

as we sit waiting for the funeral to start, complaining about the weather and how we’re

starving to death

when real death rests in that box right over there

and Death is just catching its breath

don’t worry, it will awake from its slumber

leave its last lover and slip under covers with others meaning you eventually.

But, till then, fuck Death.

In fact, write it off with a lower case ‘d’

demote death, demoralize death, declaw death

shine so much light into its eyes that death gives birth to life

so death is no longer blind to the need of life

where winter inspires summer vacations

summer inspires winter vacations to locations where the temperature is heaven wrought

for travelers who got what they sought.

The only ones complaining are the people who live there every day

they’re the ones who say it’s too hot.


4 thoughts on “To Give Light to Death

  1. Steven Myers

    your small d for death idea may shove the word right out our vocabulary. it’s downhill from there. excellent!
    i’m stretching a bit here, but wanted to let you know about a post
    combing places where baseball crosses over into music or the other way around
    or through imaginative conjuring where erick backmann (archers of loaf and now crooked fingers) is referred to as the frank tanana of indie rock. have a great new year cottonbombs!

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Thank you! I am always happy to be directed to places where music sounds like baseball. And the Frank Tanana of indie rock? Does that mean he went from throwing heat to musical junk? Happy New year to you over there at brokenbats. I felt we got cheated this year. I expected the Brewers to face the Phillies in the NLCS. Let’s hope this year the baseball gods right their wrongs. Cheers!

  2. granbee

    Peter, my man, RAVE ON, SAY ON!!! “Shine so much light in its eyes that death give birth to life”. Your VERY best line of 2011, according to granbee! I too, attended too many funereals between Labor Day and Christmas Day in 2011!!!! Let’s get out all our candles and all our flashlights and all our beacons and just BLIND that ol’ death into submission.


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