Beware of Oncoming Snowbank

Those moments you could die

happily you greet them knowing life has let you peek at its absolute peak

and you’ve reached the top of earth’s natural ceiling

and Mount Everest can only get smaller

or the half dollar turns up tails

and you lose the bet, your head and your friends

but never the love of God and the beauty of misery

these are the currencies we all must see

in exchange to sense we’ve touched the lit element we reach

to burn and to teach.

One snow flake.


And all your attention goes to that single snowflake about

to hit ground and be

swallowed by a snowbank

and that’s you

proving the duality of divinity

the weight of a snowflake.

12 thoughts on “Beware of Oncoming Snowbank

  1. Emilino Emloile

    Thought-provoking poem. Wonderful metaphor! I often wonder how significant I am — like a snowflake in comparison to the snowbank. But, as everyone hears all the time and get annoyed by it, but it’s true, every snowflake counts. If not for all those tiny snowflakes, there wouldn’t ever be a snowbank.
    Thanks for this!

  2. granbee

    “Proving the duality of divinity”: a most bewitching parallel between the snowflake and the snowbank and us and God. Wonderful, beautiful, accurate, entrancing….well, you get the idea!


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