Scratch the surface for metaphor

what for?

finding what?

Every abstract painting is a self portrait

if you painted it

or not.

You’re a splash of paint

thrown into the waters of the canvass

and though Jackson Pollock called his mess, ‘Autumn’

it’s winter here

and there you are

and here I am in our art gallery


looking at abstracts of you.

And the makeup you left behind under my sink

is worth more than anything hanging in either Guggenheim.


5 thoughts on “…Connect.The….Abstract.Dots….

  1. granbee

    Expensive makeup! Pricey girlfriend! (Just kidding). Loved the sort of dancing-in-the-dust-motes art appreciation lessons here. Peter, you are SO wackily gifted!

  2. Daisy Altug

    Dear Peter,

    I loved your poems. For me to understand your poems are like understanding abstract painting. I can feel and read with my point of weiv.


  3. Daisy Altug

    Thank you Peter! You are so nice. Share ideas with you is honor for me, but I don’t think that I have enough English language ability. What ever! You always encourage me. Thanks.


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