Googling Howl

I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by Google

why remember anything

when you can just google it.

Google love google sex google sexuality

google how do I know I am straight?

cause I google the curve of a woman

yet I have the sensitivities of a gay man.

Google how do I know I am a poet?

I spend so much time googling for these curves where do I get the time for the cursive of


My muse and my libido should get together and fuck out some sonnets some time.

Who is the lesser poet, the poet who sees but does not write

or the one who writes but does not see?

Google it,

I’m sure you’ll get your answer.


6 thoughts on “Googling Howl

  1. granbee

    Peter, there truly IS a big difference between expecting your brain to just file away zillions of facts and expecting your soul to grow in wisdom! For me, Google is a tool like my keyboard or my broadband modem! Seriously, though, I get what you mean about turning your Muse over to google to figure out how to versify your love life! I like your take on post-modern poetic “tricks”
    vs. traditional racking-your-brain and twisting-your-heart in knots to compose a love sonnet, for instance. In other words, I truly enjoyed this post! Ahem!

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Rose, thank you! For a guy who professes to hate technology so much I sure am on this laptop a lot. And without it, we’d never have started this dance of correspondence!

  2. Louise Jaques

    You must know how I admire Howl, and I think Allen would be pretty damn impressed with this contemporary version. I believe you are right, and yet, can something be said for the education of poetry that Google has allowed, as well as the facets it may have destroyed? For example, I simply Googled the cummings you suggested the other day, as opposed to seeking out a hard copy, which would have taken a long time. One must maintain a balance of poetry and science in their life.

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Louise! Of course, everything rests on balance. I never forget that I am posting these poems on a computer into an internet system that allows me to share our writing even though you are literally as far away as I could go from my hometown of Toronto without starting to double back. Ever read the Preface of The Picture of Dorian Grey? Sure, all art is quite useless holds true as long as you keep forgetting that the wonder that is Oscar Wilde has been preserved in his art.


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