The Past Tags The Future It

Your eyes right now make anything possible

secret time travelers

sneaking back here

stealing these thoughts

as your own

remembering things you used to know

phone numbers of lovers

you lost taste for

the scent of perfume you can no longer name

lingering between synapses

the empty spaces between words

white out time

scratch-and-sniff memories

childish games played at an adult’s pace

and everything takes the weight

of sentimentality

as the past tags the future



5 thoughts on “The Past Tags The Future It

  1. Steven Myers

    like “sea me”, you somehow amazingly
    capture in words
    water slipping from a clenched fist
    or steve blass syndrome
    but no pitcher wants to remember that
    loss of control.

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      My favorite pitcher, Roy Halladay went through a kind of Steve Blass Syndrome in 2000 posting a 10.64 ERA, the worst of its kind ever at its time. You know how stellar Halladay is today. The point: there’s always hope. The poetry of baseball.

  2. claudia

    oh this is beautifully written..sad topic though.. the loss of memory…the getting old and forgetting things but remembering phone numbers of lovers.. the empty spaces between words.. i find this very sensitively penned

  3. granbee

    “Your eyes right now make anything possible”: my favoriate line of yours in a long time, Peter! And I feel it is the key to the whole poem. And “the past tagging the future it”: even better ending pointing us deep inside others memories: so much behind those eyes!


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