Sea Me

The first impression is

the last impression

though neither know their ancestry

as ocean waves are oblivious of

currents beneath the deep

or the sea of tranquility on the moon above.

The Pacific

a vast desert of salt and water

twined as DNA strands in me

though I hold you

I can’t taste you

like I can’t drink the sea.


3 thoughts on “Sea Me

  1. granbee

    Very entrancing, this post. Much to contemplate here, such as first and last impressions. Such as holding and not tasting. Would that be a quality of the one held, or the one doing the holding? First impression is the last: is this due to the one doing the impressing closes up after the first few moments? Or is this due to the one being impressed closes up? Much, much, much to ponder.

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Rose! Happy I could set the wheels spinning. Your guess is as good as mine what this means. I have my ideas, but I figure, like the salt in the ocean, I could only poison your well with too much spice should I try and say too much.

  2. Anonymous

    ā€œ…in that drunken place
    you would
    like to hand your heart to her
    and say
    touch it
    but then
    give it back.ā€
    ā€• Charles Bukowski, The People Look Like Flowers at Last


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