The Glass May Be Half drunk, But I Am Fully Drunk

This is the part where I’m supposed to write words but if you see by the title I’m having a hard enough time just hitting the right keys on the keyboard. I keep having to go back and delete mistakes. Thank God for the little red line that goes under spelling mistakes, or this would read closer to now I;vfe takemn ofe th e dpll chrck ands o rthis is wht my wqriting loojjs likr.

See what we’re up against? See how with just the push of a button we can keep chaos at bay?

I’m curious what’s inside the mind of such a drunk birthday boy tonight. Throwing so much wine into this head is like pouring water down a well. I figure if I flood enough water down the well, it’s bound to spill up something. So far all it’s spat out is anticipation. Something’s coming.

Maybe I should have more wine. Cheers! Oh, that’s good, French. It’s hard to go wrong with French wine. Actually, that’s not true. Drink too much of the French, suddenly you’re surrendering everything faster than the French army. By surrender, I mean, faculties of speech, balance, vision. I can still type, though. Writing is always the last thing to go before I pass out. I think I’m lucky I’m a writer, not a French horn player. I imagine it must be extremely difficult to come home 2 a.m, drunk, and play the French horn.

If I was a painter, I’d have to get out all the paints and I’d have to set up the easel, prime the canvas, mix paints, it’s late, I’m drunk and now I gotta do chemistry?

Writing is a desperate act, reaching out my hands to the light of my laptop, scribbling, scratching, punching, fingering and crawling my way to the next page after page after page after page until it’s all out until my books speak volumes and I’m an echo of a haiku in a papery shell.

I’m going to let the last line live though I have no idea what it means. That’s the bottom line why I’m a writer, cause I’m lazy. I don’t feel lazy. I’m writing all the time. But what is writing essentially? Sitting on your ass. The only parts of my body that move are my fingers.

So, that’s it, I’m accusing myself of being lazy and I’m too tired to fight it. I’m going to say good night to you, my favorite reader, and Happy Birthday to me and fall asleep face first in this laptop.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


4 thoughts on “The Glass May Be Half drunk, But I Am Fully Drunk

  1. Louise Jaques

    Happy Birthday Peter. Your words always touch me – I think you to be the most original writer I have come across on WordPress and in my reading at large. Sometimes my drunken writings have proved to be the most fruitful…and other times, the crappiest. Don’t be discouraged. I hope you enjoyed your birthday!

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Louise! Thank you so much! I`m touched to touch! I know your talent, so it is doubly complimentary to receive such words! I did enjoy my birthday. I hope I am not sending the wrong message: don`t get blind drunk and write. It is better to see the keyboard than to guess that it`s there. Kinda reminds me of my favorite moment in my favorite movie: City Lights when Chaplin tells the drunk driver: Be careful- you are driving! and the drunk turns to Chaplin in all seriousness and asks: Am I drivingÉ (That was supposed to be a question mark, but came out a Spanish E. I`ll let it go for now).

  2. granbee

    Peter, I first read this on the little screen of my smartphone, now just read it on the big, flat Cinemas-compatible screen I am privilege to use today! It STILL makes me slightly drunk just to read it! Anyway, I myself am convinced that the reason writing is the last concious function we lose when intoxicated is because it comes from the subconcious. Thanks for this slightly-disturbing insight into your subconcious! I am getting slightly worried, because I realize this post is actually helpful and instructive for me as a writer this week!


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