The Brilliance of Silence Spoken Through Haiku

Dreading the future

is as big a waste of time

as fearing what’s past.


First stroke the truest

toss away all erasers

decorate mistakes.


This sense of humor

tastes like laughing drinking tears

sugar coated salt.


A wrinkle of wind

on the soft face of Autumn

rustles gutter leaves.


Loving what’s been lost

Spring’s willow weeping over

the leaves lost last Fall.


Memory, sing me

harmony in everything

even forgetting.


To reduce a dream

to its primary colors

seen in black and white.


The sun gets dressed now

this crack of dawn- I look up

to see her pink parts.


Does inspiration

begin solely in our souls

or does God dream too?


Wind proves the blind truth

faith is felt but never seen

whispers of conscience.


I sat here a whole

coffee writing nothing so

coffee was my poem.



8 thoughts on “The Brilliance of Silence Spoken Through Haiku

  1. granbee

    Peter, first of all: coffee is ALWAYS a poetic experience.
    second of all: If God did not dream, WE would not be here.
    third of all: May you never, ever, ever, never SEE primary colors as B&W. Do you know
    WHY I insist upon this for you? You would then no longer be PetertheYou
    but PetertheBoo! Okay? All right, already!
    P.S. Thanks for such wisdom compacted into these lines about memories and the past and how we actually see and how we SHOULD see! What did you put in your coffee, anyway? (EVERYONE always asks me that! wonder why?)

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Rose! What a comment! I like my coffee like I like my Jesus, black. I am glad you got so provoked by the haikus. I like haikus cause they’re short. Haikus are like the espressos of poetry. And like coffee, I take it every day that I can’t remember every single cup or haiku. This is a collection of nine that I found in a collection of journals I’d forgotten I’d written. If I ever saw primary colors in black and white, I don’t now. In fact, I’ve made it my life’s goal to find at least two more primary colors. Thank you again, Rose for your thoughtfulness!

      1. granbee

        With your permission, I will respond to the comments below posted at your site by “reader” who says he(she?) is not a native English speaker. Also, Peter, I feel so much better about having journals in boxes which I am only recently rediscoverying, as I gather the courage to TRULY shed self-effacement of the past 20+ years. You are such a good role model, Peter. And by the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

      2. cottonbombs Post author

        Rose! Thank you and of course, please feel free to express yourself in any way on my site. I think it’s great you are getting warm comments and meeting people here. I hope you find one more reader to enjoy your site, too!

      3. granbee

        Peter, you have no idea how grateful I am for all the affirmation I am getting with all my posting and commenting all over the place! See, I do pretty well most of the time with the written word; it’s the spoken word that gives me fits. Part of that is due to residue from physical injuries which affects my tonal control mechanisms. Part is that is just me and my exuberance! I have been sitting in the back of groups of friends and just scribbling and nodding and smiling and waving ever since I started blogging with you guys almost three months ago. That seems to offer all around me some relief!

      4. cottonbombs Post author

        Rose! Your voice sings beautifully from here. Never be afraid to open your mouth and sing. The scars only add to the texture and experience of your song.

  2. reader

    Hi Peter! May I pay a compliment to Rose via your site?
    Rose,I like your comments. I´m not native speaker,so I enjoy your perception and your way of replying. Thanks for you and Peter I could find that English is not just a rigid SVOMPT,but also a pleasant playing with words. Regards,your reader


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