Poems Written With Fridge Magnets

(I found 80 fridge magnets from a collection of fridge magnets with a food theme. I thought I’d beat my writer’s block by sticking them to the freezer door. The following poems are the works of a very limited poet using only the 80 words in his right hand and a rule that the first word touched would be used and I had to use all 80 words, though I could end a poem at any time. This is the closest I can come to abstract poetry, so, if any of these poems seem dirty or explicit in any way, know it’s not me, it’s you.)


drizzle woman

my fruit coffee salmon satisfy

oyster honey

man know succulent mushroom

happiness above delicious zucchini

romantic aroma

robust swallow

indulge moist smell

thirst and flavor pie.


which pickle can lick at meal

down menu

meat there

make soup fast

good mouth.


nibble comfort fondue

taste said sauce

if full have my onion

enjoy more steak.


almost egg

breast like bland pasta

some melt.


would your bread roast too.







10 thoughts on “Poems Written With Fridge Magnets

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Thank you! Give it a try yourself some time should you ever come face to face with the blank face of Writer’s Block. Just invest in fridge magnets and go all Jackson Pollack on those words.

  1. granbee

    See, Peter? You were such a gourmand that you put yourself to sleep! Finally speechless, huh? So much bounty indeed! So great to see you express gratitude in this way, the gleeful gorger way!
    Thank you!

  2. Louise Jaques

    This is what the Dadaists used to do – cut out words from newspapers, mix them up, and arrange them until something interested them. I like it a lot – it’s anarchic almost, isn’t it!?


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