And the Universe Shifts with It

What came first

Oedipus, complex, or Freud?

Chicken, egg omelette, or thirst?

Desire or the desired?

1 + 1 doesn’t always  = 2

and sometimes water runs up hill

and satellites are swallowed forever

drunk deep in the oesophagus of chaos

and a black hole burns blue under a black light

even caught in this mess certain equations slip through

the truth

like a white ball

breaks through the molecules

and you’re through on the break

eight ball corner pocket

then the kaleidoscope turns and the universe shifts with it

and all the planets and all the stars

tumble like sock balls in the dryer

and someone forgot not to mix colors with whites

and the balls of socks are tie dyed

the fabrics of sunrise.


3 thoughts on “And the Universe Shifts with It

  1. Louise Jaques

    the oesophagus of chaos… How were you able to choose such a great, obscure body part? It’s simply the perfect metaphor for what you are saying! Tremendous piece as always!


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