Drunk Spirits

We put a man on the moon

before setting foot on the ocean floor.

These breezes come off the sea

whispering to me the secrets of sailors

lost beneath its skin

these prayers will remain unanswered

if its just me beneath my skin.

Winds shift direction

I never know which window the wind will come in

these prayers will not wait to be answered

if it’s not just me beneath my skin

and all my prayers I’ve bottled away

I’ll toss into the bay

and see which way

the tide strays

and where my soul ventures in.


2 thoughts on “Drunk Spirits

  1. granbee

    Waiting for the direction of the ties is not a bad idea before risking one’s soul! Beautiful versifying! And yes, we just want to puff ourselves up towards the moon before bothering to go deep within!


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