Tomorrow’s Haikus Today

Live for tomorrow

rehearse for infinity

wake up for today.

Your hand opens mine

finger petals to the sun

fists wilt in caress.

At simplicity

the C chord is just the C

our bodies, the sea.

Dreaming in exhales

spent breath of a dead belief

carbon monoxide.

Tragedy’s funny

when you give it enough time

it’s all comedy.

Coffee reflection

looking deep into the black

drink: who swallows who?

There’s truth in beauty

there’s truth in ugly as well

truth can be two-faced.

What you call fickle

I call flexible as grass

bends to every breeze.


4 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s Haikus Today

  1. Rose Byrd

    Peter, WHOA! Such patience and foresight you show in waking up! I especially tagged onto” who swallows who” about the coffee-drinking! As far as simple lovely truth goes: “Your hand opens mine finger petals to the sun fists wilt in caress.” My never-dying hope is that we each could form a chain around the globe, simply wilting fists. Thank you from the bottom of my old heart today!

  2. Louise Jaques

    There is a thoughtfulness is every one of these that makes them special. Haikus I struggle with, because of the immense command of language one must possess to carry it off. You have so little room to say so much. These are all brilliant – the second one, and the coffee one, especially. Tremendous work Peter!


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