Hunting Angels 3

Dean couldn’t go to the funeral, of that he was certain. It was the one thing he knew, he couldn’t go to the funeral. His own family would recognize him and his secret would be exposed. Maybe one day he could admit the truth, but, for now it was safer to say nothing.

He had promised Dwayne that he would never use his disguise to enter the Hell’s Angels club house and impersonate a brother, but, now, with Dwayne dead, Dean wondered if he should keep this promise. It would raise suspicion if he didn’t go, his brother Angels would think he’d flown the coop, maybe turned squeal pigeon.

Shaving, Dean couldn’t look himself in the mirror, all he could see was the reflection of his dead brother. (As a result, he almost cut his head off.) He thought of the chain of events that got Dwayne killed. First, they were born identical twins, then, thirty-six years later, Dean learned it was useless trying to break into a gang when his brother was so well known. Every gang he approached recognized him as Dwayne. He had thought to go with it, but, ultimately, didn’t think it was fair to Dwayne.

That was when he had his idea to swap jobs for a day, (though Dean didn’t think being a gangster in Hell’s Angels qualified as a job, let alone, honest labor. The brothers had fought about this since Dwayne started dealing drugs out of his high school locker).

Now, Dean realized he would have to become his brother. He would have to not only accept the total Hell’s Angels lifestyle: the drug dealing, prostitution, murder, all under the disguise of Dwayne. He would even move into his house. Then he thought of all the people, neighbors, friends, girlfriends, ex girlfriends, that would drop by. Dean thought it best to put the house on the market and look for a new place to live immediately.

And the most important point in staying Dwayne was that it would allow him to get close enough to Kelvin to kill him. Dean had gotten into police work because he loved justice. He trusted the justice system, he trusted if he handed a bad guy over to the proper authorities, that bad guy would get punished. This time Dean would be the entire justice system: detective, lawyer, judge, jury, executioner, and the guy who wipes up the chair after.


One thought on “Hunting Angels 3

  1. granbee

    Peter, you are doing an excellent job of carefully following Dean being swallowed up by Dwayne, now powerful that he is dead! I eagerly anticipate your next installment!


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