Hunting Angels 2

Dwayne had done his best to memorize all the names of all the officers from all the photos Dean showed him the night before. Dwayne was pretty good at memorizing names and faces, but there were simply too many, and he found himself faking most of the conversations he had with people he was supposed to know. Luckily, Dwayne was better at faking conversation than remembering names; he had a con artist’s skill at communication.

Normally Dean would work with his partner, officer Clara Jacobs, however, officer Jacobs was on vacation this week, and he would be paired up with a rookie, officer Bernie Tate, who had never met Dean before. When Dean had hatched his plan for the ol switcheroo, he had always imagined executing it on a Monday. People have the weekend to forget about you, they’ll be more open to accept change.

Dwayne really wanted to get into the files the cops had on his Hell’s Angels, but, found himself getting pulled away by a call to investigate a shooting in Malvern. Dwayne knew Malvern well, he had worked it when he was dealing drugs. He was afraid someone he knew would recognize him. He thought the chances were high, it was not a big neighborhood and he knew most of the people in it. Dwayne knew if he didn’t know you, you were not someone to know.

What Dwayne didn’t know was waiting outside the police station were two men in a yellow Prius sent by Kelvin. The men were professional killers. Dwayne didn’t know he was being followed as officer Tate drove them to Malvern.

“You a sports fan?” asked officer Tate, signaling to switch lanes.

Dwayne was about to say he was a football fan, before remembering Dean liked rugby.

A yellow Prius drove up next to the police car and opened fire with a machine gun, gunning down both men in the squad car.

When Dean learned his brother was dead, he collapsed to his knees, pitching his cell phone against the wall, shattering it. He felt a toxic cocktail of guilt, grief and fear, wondering what to do next. How can he ever go back to his old life? Could he ever admit that he had switched places with Dwayne, getting him killed? He could never be a cop again, cause even if he told his chief what he’d done, he’d be fired, probably even persecuted. And if Kelvin learned he was still alive, what’s to stop him sending another team to gun him down?

Dean rocked himself in tears in a puddle on the living room floor wondering what to do.


3 thoughts on “Hunting Angels 2

  1. granbee

    Makes the question, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” much more poignant. Thanks for this installment. I would really like the character of Dwayne expanded. What do you think?

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      You could also play this to the tune of: He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother. At this point, I’m not sure where this story is going, I just look forward to it taking us somewhere I’ve never been.

      1. granbee

        Wow, I had not thought about “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” in connection with this. Thanks for the pointer. Everything you say here is always so much needed in my own self!

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