Why Water Learned to Walk

Clouds gather in conspiracy

ash grey ceiling as far as the eye can see

it’s this silence before the rain

when insane seems so sane.

And this moody air makes me humble

all my shouts spout out like a mumble.

Then the wind begins to pick up speed

and the clouds begin to fall down on me.

Spoils a parade

makes farmers shout, ‘hurray!’

till their crops all drop from too much rain.

While children float boats in puddles adults step around

we grow to forget we are all made of rain

we’re eighty percent water

we’re rain’s sons and rain’s daughters

but when it falls down on us

we open up our umbrellas

cause we grow to forget

we are all the rain.


3 thoughts on “Why Water Learned to Walk

  1. Louise Jaques

    Stupendous Peter, as always, the title and ending were especially gripping. And you are braver than most to have a go at a more conventional rhyme scheme – something I myself shy away from. So good on you! 🙂


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