Photoshopping Memories

I threw out all our photos except this one

1/10th of a second of our two years together trapped in a prism

invisible till memory shines through

breaking time into red, yellow, blue

still the white light grew

glaring at the present without you.

And this poem alone shows how the past swallows us whole

what with an entire page to go and a pen full of soul

I stop to outline the last strand of your hair on my floor.


3 thoughts on “Photoshopping Memories

  1. rddenton

    While I’m not a huge fan of contemporary poetry, I can honestly say that yours caught my eye as a reader specifically because of its fun, lyrical, and wittingly haphazard tone. You deal with rhyme carefully and majestically, and I appreciate how much clear thought you’ve put into making your work rhyme with reason!

    As I sit on my ass this week and recover, I’m hoping to read more of your work and I’ll let you know what I think!


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