Souls Like Sluts (Moving Body to Body)

Which was harder for Jesus to slay, the pain of the cross or temptation?

Why is physical sacrifice so much more common than emotional?

Is this all just a great and terrible test

where the pen pretends to be mightier than the sword

as it parries with the paper

yet the answers are written in the back of the book in blood?

Should I pass this life for the next like going from grade four to grade five

will be based more on deportment than maths or sciences.

This time coming back as a poor poet, next time coming back as a dog, or a squirrel,

you know, moving up in the karmic ladder. Nirvana, here I come!

And of course Fate can only roll the die of our lives

cause why would God wanna know how all this turns out?

Aren’t we entertainment for Him? Would we interest Him if He knew all our endings?

Could He ever judge us?

It’s like watching Citizen Kane and knowing the meaning of Rosebud from the beginning.


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