Keep Drinking

What is it about touch that penetrates the soul so deeply?

Physicality relating to spirituality, what is it?

Just friends just friends just fiends just friends just friends just fiends.

What stops you from taking my hand

bringing me to your lips and loving me fully?

It’s like wine, isn’t it?

It’s one thing to touch the bottle, another thing entirely to drink it.

And what you put in is inversely related to the hangover suffered the next day.

So, keep drinking, that’s what I say.

Why stop and let this all catch up to us when we have the divine right just to

chose to be

more than just friends.

Physicality. Spirituality. Hydrogen. Oxygen. Fluidity.

Yet you put up a dam and damn us to just friends.

It’s the just that gives you away. Just implies there should be more. There should be more.

We are more.

We are more than just friends.

We are us.

Like hydrogen and oxygen are water.

But first they need to touch.


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