9 Lines of a Cat Called Subconscious

*  Do you think God gets His way all the time? Do you think God always gets what He wants? God, I hope not.

*  In the jungle of India I came across a shrine, long abandoned. Left as testament to a god that died along with its followers.

*  Everyone is their own equation waiting to be solved. With a little study you can break down anybody to their lowest common denominator. Mine’s pi.

*  Did you know that a group of ferrets is called a business? Start with a school of fish, then graduate to a business of ferrets. Is this how it works on the karmic corporate ladder?

*  I don’t think it’s fair nor funny to pick on a hippopotamus’s obvious weight problem and refer to a group of them as, ‘a bloat.’ Like, you’re already playing up the stereotype calling them a romp of otters or a crash of rhinoceroses. Do we have to be so cruel as to pick on the genetic anomaly of an animal that is at its healthiest at 99% body fat?

*  And is it really fair to name the fear of long words: hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia? How can someone with hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia ever get over hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia if they can never say they have hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia?

*  Thai food inspired me to get into Eastern philosophy, proving the fastest way to a man’s soul is through his stomach.

*  I don’t support vegans who eat venus fly traps. Seems hypocritical to eat plants that eat meat.

*  The world is your oyster: shuck it.


10 thoughts on “9 Lines of a Cat Called Subconscious

  1. bellesogni

    * I don’t support vegans who eat venus fly traps. Seems hypocritical to eat plants that eat meat.

    * The world is your oyster: shuck it.


      1. bellesogni

        Thank you, but I doubt that – I’ve been reading your work.

        I was thinking along the lines that an argument could be made the ultimately, we feed each other, but maybe, the plants have a slight lead as they are without and within the meat eaters.

        Also that it’s hard to get a person to listen to any teaching when their stomach is growling. See the loaves and fishes thing before the sermons, New Testament.

        Oysters aren’t Kosher, but I don’t know about the pearls. Then of course, there’s the whole erotica connotation there. Plus, oysters are available to people from all strata of society. It just depends if you want to shuck them yourself on a beach somewhere, or have them shucked for you then presented on china.

        So ahya, it’s funny, but there’s also many layers to it. Like a Rorschach, telling me about me. And that’s a good thing. (smiles)

      2. cottonbombs Post author

        Thank you for your wonderful comment. I am grateful you put so much into it. This is what I mean when I write: you are more here than me. There’s a lot to catch up with here, and I appreciate that you can get lost to get found here. I like your point that we may be lagging behind the plants. The best I can do is plant myself down here and try and feed the mind now reading this. I hope you are both hungry and full, cause, you’re right, it’s hard to teach people on an empty stomach. I’m not trying to teach, simply tell, cause, ultimately, we teach ourselves.

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