The Kiss That Saved the World

If this kiss hides lies

then the sun won’t shine, birds will fall from the sky.

If God designed this, then God’s pissed

that we missed His point.

Life is to make life.

To make it, we must love it.

The world is not a failed experiment

all hope is not lost

though it’s time to pay the rent

it’s not too late to repent.

If the history of humanity is inside me

I’ll seek purity in the sanctity of you.

We’ll prove to the Divine there’s love left on this earth

and together we’ll justify this earth’s rebirth.

In you I found me

in you I found peace

a hope for humanity a river so deep

that flows through all our souls

if only everyone could know.

So kiss me openly so this whole world can see

let our kiss take wing to teach the dumb to sing

let notes in harmony rhyme as I am yours and you are me.


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