A Whole Lot of Nothing

We are the knowledge of what we know.

If we know only lies

we live in lies

though we’ll never know.

Jew Hindu Christian Muslim Mormon Voodoo somebody’s missing something.

And this is just religion

what about a marriage of deception

or bad education

ignorance illiteracy dependency on things that slowly kill you.




itself is a dependency that slowly kills you, if you’re lucky!

If you’re unlucky, it can get you in less time than it takes to read the thoughts of a very brittle mind on a night where the wind has gained teeth and bites when it used to kiss.


I keep my window open to circulate the stale air from my lungs.

Chilled, I write of a night that promises nothing but to bite should I step outside.

If I never go out

if I never experience anything

think anything

I can never think anything wrong or false or sinful

can I?

I can

confine all my words to silence, produce nothing, destroy nothing.

Be everything by being nothing.

Being right by never being wrong.

The perfection of the inaction is only spoiled by the finger’s flick, setting inertia on its way.

Still, too much thought devoted towards doing nothing.

I need to do something about it by doing nothing about it

nothing no thinking nothing no drinking nothing no singing nothing no listening nothing no breathing nothing no being nothing no meaning nothing.


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