The Big Bang

Amazing how life can evolve inside a single kiss.


as quiet as light inside a vacuum.

Then, suddenly your lips your tongue

and light is a supernova all over me.

I could kiss you all night

kisses that create constellations.

The stars were washed out by clouds until we sat beneath them and gave them purpose

gave them reason to shine.

Evolution grew from such energy, I’m sure of it.

There’s nothing to fear, we’re only following the same path of the sun

even in the dark

in the spaces between the stars

the earth spins round such a kiss.

And that’s the fear isn’t it?

We are too close.

We mean too much.

If we get any closer we could split atoms and the fallout would be fatal.

Kiss me, don’t fear death when we’re so busy living.

Kiss me again and taste my love for you and know

feel that we were made for this very


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