Trick Photography

Imagination mixed with memory

stirs up these thoughts in me

and I’m not sure what came first

the need or the sentimentality.

Cause I am there and I was here simultaneously

with the love of the hate of not being loved by hate

you get that?

I don’t.

Insanity is the need to make the same mistakes

like Jack and Jill going up the hill after reading their fate

“Oh, I like the sound of this,” Jack says to Jill,

starting up the hill.

Ask for directions even when you’re not lost

you might find yourself surprised

when truth comes right at you in disguise

and you can’t trust your own eyes

and everything we think we see

is in reality trick photography

though I know the eyes the windows to the soul

I know I don’t know how to see through to you

moods set by colored contacts

your artificial beauty kills the view.

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