Naming the UnNameable

What went on in the mind of a caveman before the use of language? How pure were their thoughts? It’s impossible to put words to their thoughts, because as soon as you do, you pollute them, distort them with meanings that they didn’t mean.

Still, I believe in the Tao, though I know it is not the Tao, but we have to call everything something, so we’ll call it the Tao; the Tao is so sensitive that even by calling it the Tao, you have changed the Tao forever. You’re stronger than you look.

Can you think of the The Scream by Edvard Munch? What do you think he’s screaming about?

What you thought says more about you than it does about Munch, fun, huh? You can totally lose yourself in a painting and by losing find yourself, if you’re brave enough to dive in head first. What do you think he was screaming about? Can you imagine Munch’s face as he painted it?

You know he reproduced the image over and over in paintings, lithographs, t-shirts, you name it. If you drive through the fjords of Norway, don’t be surprised when you see bumper stickers saying: I Brake For Screamers, with an image of Munch’s screamer on them.

Did you know The Scream is not only the National Painting of Norway, it is their National Anthem? Norwegians scream their National Anthem, so, they call it the National Scream. It’s very cathartic. You scream Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! until your voice hurts, then you sit down to watch a hockey game between the Gjoa Vikings and the Lillehammer Skiers. It’s a great Anthem because it recognizes that it’s ridiculous to put words to define an entire nation’s past present future.


What if everything I’ve ever been has been leading up to now?

So that everything I ever am, ever was was as constant as the Tao.

And so I could erase all my sins if I just tried so how

can I tie a rock to my past and watch it drown?



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