Miming a Kiss at the Airport

Long drawn out goodbyes

saying goodbye 1000 times

as time bleeds away and only the air between us can cauterize

this wound, this latest goodbye

like a blindfold ripped from the doomed

and we see the bullet coming right between our eyes.

Unless we take our placebos as promises

to keep in touch, though, we’ll never touch again

as lovers or as friends

sending cyber kisses

like watching theater on tv

without watching the end.


6 thoughts on “Miming a Kiss at the Airport

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      You tell me; I just write this stuff; it’s up to you to read it and interpret it. However, I don’t usually use the adjective, ‘cruel’ before life, but I’m just the writer, what do I know?

  1. reader

    what´s wrong with “cruel + life” ? maybe it has a different meaning in my language and in English
    life is sometimes so cruel,that you think,it eats your heart,your clear mind,even your soul…
    these days we are saying a thousand good-byes to one of the greatest people we´ve known
    I tell you name – Demitra. I think you know this name
    everything is based on a real life/experience, why not poem´s “airport-kiss stuff”?

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Sure, and life also gives life, music, inspiration, comedy,.. life is just waiting to be taken advantage of. Life can be cruel, too, but, cruel is not the adjective that best captures life.


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