Clocking In At The Company Bar

Brian got six hours of wiping done in five. It was Friday, and Brian knew they never inspected on Friday, so he could afford to rush. He used his extra hour to clock in to the company bar, looking for Stephanie, who had gotten there ahead of him and was standing flanked by four guys in various poses and postures trying to pick her up.

He sat on a stool between two women he had never seen, but, with 10,000 employees, it was not rare to be sitting with strangers, especially in the company bar. He liked the company bar so much he found he rarely needed to go out, he could do all his mingling at work.

Brian found new lust and energy since his divorce. His latest sex partners are too busy having orgasms to know that during his marriage, Brian was a lousy lay. It just got real old real quick for Brian, so it didn’t take long for his (ex) wife to tire of him, too.

Beauty was the first thing to attract her to him and beauty had been the first thing to go after exchanging wedding firecrackers. He blamed himself, because he had lit his too soon, before the minister had said, “You may now light the fuse,” and his firecracker had gone off in her face, leaving a nasty burn mark across both cheeks. She recovered, of course, but, after seeing her so damaged, it was hard for Brian to see her any other way.

The woman to his right wasn’t much to look at, but the woman to his left was rather attractive, so he turned his focus to her.

“Hello,” he started small. The woman sucked on her little red straw, not biting on such a little word. Brian had had enough success with women lately not to give up so easily. “Did you hear if it’s going to rain this weekend? I hope it doesn’t affect my skydiving lesson.”

She bit. “Skydiving lesson? You’re learning to skydive?”

“I teach. Most Saturdays. It’s a lot of fun. Can I buy you a drink?”

“Sure,” she said.

Brian saw Stephanie’s four suitors had all left, leaving her extremely approachable.

“Here,” Brian handed the woman some money, leaving her alone, to take the stool next to Stephanie. “When are we getting out of here?” He asked her.

She smiled. “Where are we going?”

And then he remembered dinner at his sister’s. “Would you like to have dinner at my sister’s tonight?”

“No,” she said.

“You don’t like my sister?”

“I don’t know your sister. She could be very nice. I just think you should take me some place outside this place before you take me to dinner with your family.”

“Ok, forget dinner at my sister’s. Let’s go back to my place.”

“Well, you’re going to have to take me to at least two places before you get to take me back there.” Both laughed, but neither was joking.

“I’ll take you to two places tonight.”

She got off her stool. “Let’s go.”

The first place he took her was the pharmacy.

“What are we doing here?” she asked as his car pulled up in front of the drug store.

“First stop, pick up some essentials.”

Stephanie laughed. “What do you think you’re picking up?”

“You,” he said, before shutting the the driver’s side door, leaving her laughing alone in the passenger seat.


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