What You Don’t Know Can’t Hurt You

“You would want me to lie to you?”

“About something like that, yeah.”

Grant studied his girlfriend. He wasn’t sure if she meant what she just said. “Really? You are encouraging lying? You’re telling me to lie to you?”

“Not all the time. Most of the time tell the truth, but, about something like that, you should lie.” Holly adjusted her fork and knife.

Grant took a sip of his milkshake still eyeballing his girlfriend, looking for hints she was bluffing. She looked serious, yet, Grant thought he knew Holly well enough to know when she was testing him. This seemed like a test. “You don’t think honesty is the best policy?”

Holly was hungry. She looked around the restaurant for the waiter with their food. “Not always. Honesty’s the best policy is too simplistic. Where’s our food? We didn’t even get bread.”

“Ok, so if I cheat on you I won’t-”

“What do you mean, ‘if you cheat on me’? Are you planning on it?”

“No, I was speaking hypothetically.”

“Well, don’t hypothetically cheat on me.”

Now Grant was looking around for the waiter to serve as his life-preserver. He hoped sticking food in her mouth would shut her up, or at least distract her from her current food for thought: cheating and telling. Grant was not the brightest star in the sky, so he had to learn the hard way that there is no right answer to the question: ‘If you cheated on me and got away with it, when would you tell me?’

The waiter arrived like the deus ex machina of the date, handing them plates of food that gave them both sustenance and excuse to fill their mouths with something that went down better than arguing.

Grant gave seasoning his fish and chips his undivided attention while Holly ate her hamburger thinking she trusted her boyfriend more on a full stomach.


One thought on “What You Don’t Know Can’t Hurt You

  1. Anonymous

    If someone knows that she or he did not know something later, she or he would feel stupid their entire life. 🙂


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