Giving Up The Stars

Stars are only above us if you believe what you see

reality is upside down till our eyes turn it all around.

What makes the mind search for patterns and shapes

in this eye of chaos?

Drawing on the mythology of constellations

is our grammar

to point to

and declare

we know nothing

but we don’t know it

cause we’ve got a name for everything

even breaks of light

that might be millions of years dead.

Still, I see stars in sugar grains

Saturn’s rings in coffee stains

and still I dare take cloth and wipe it all away

as my mouth to yours

to kiss your lips clean

opening new galaxies as wide as a handful of sand to the wind

and your mouth shines copper pennies upon the sea

moody, deep, your eyes

taste saltwater tides

the undertow of your lashes carries me over shipwrecks of dead lovers

and every first kiss is a rebirth, a religion

a leap of faith

lead by a heart that hopes it knows where it’s going

prays it won’t break

as horizons are folded in on themselves

and we see more with eyes squeezed shut.


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