Failed Rorschach Tests

And even abstract paintings are reined in by frames

as the edges of the canvas impose grammar

to the sweating tongue of art

as the universe expands all around the painting

and all we can do is watch

while we search for meaning

while satellites spin out of control

and lose all contact with their designers.

Shadows fall violently from trees and off roof tops

lamp light draws chalk bodies round the silhouettes

of failed Rorschach tests

that look like a dozen ex girlfriends.

And this thought has passed before the end of this sentence.

Writing, I’m always one word behind.

We’re bigger than our vocabulary,

yet, we’re defined by it

the finite being infinite

the shivalinga of language

and these words exist both in your mind

and out of my imagination

and as creator, I need you to tell me

what do they mean?


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