Forbidden City

The Emperors built their paradise

but even paradise comes with its price.

They built a wall around themselves,

never venturing out, never seeing their peasants picking their rice.

And anyone who tried to venture in

was killed on sight.

Even history fades away

their old textbooks read as irony

and even the Forbidden City was taken away

by those who killed to get inside its walled paradise.

And now an image of Mao hangs above the the walkway

and for less than 100 yuan, you can rent an audio guide

to take you through what was once

The Forbidden City.


2 thoughts on “Forbidden City

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      No, then you get this great tour of The Forbidden City, narrated in English by Roger Moore, my favorite James Bond. I`m sorry if you`re a Sean Connery fan, and if you`re a Timothy Dalton lover, God help you.


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