Discount Souls

We’re plundering the earth like pirates

slash and burn till the dead return

the value we put on diamonds and gold

it’s easier to dig in the earth than into your soul

the window into the eyes of God

and you are a lightning rod

you are Benjamin Franklin’s kite on a stormy night

finishing off what God left off.

We’ve gone 20,000 leagues under the sea

we still haven’t solved this great mystery

we put such value on the sunken treasure the seas hold

it’s easier to dig beneath the waves than your soul.

We’ve cracked through the skull of the sky

flown to planets deeper than the night’s mind

we put such value on going as far as we can go

cause it’s easier to conquer space than your own soul.

2 thoughts on “Discount Souls

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Hi Reader, thank you for your inquiry into my smiling soul. Last time I checked, it was off watching a baseball game. Don’t worry, it’ll be back when the game’s over.


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