Running Backwards on a Train

Running on a train

doesn’t get you anywhere


so just sit and enjoy the ride.

It’s like looking out the window of a speeding train

fields and farmers passing by

separated only by the pane’s membrane

you miss these details if you fly too high.

We’re all on the same track

we’re all flying the same way

there’s no time for looking back

all we are right now is on this train.

All you can do is sit and wait looking out the window is like running in a dream.

This is exactly how I see fate

you pick a side you will never see.

What you see becomes your memory

what you don’t you won’t forget.

When the train pulls into its station

and the world unfolds for you like a map

everywhere and anywhere can be your destination

now put your pack back on your back

cause now inspiration won’t just fall into your lap.


5 thoughts on “Running Backwards on a Train

  1. Anonymous

    …what you see becomes your memory,what you don´t you won´t forget…
    beautiful – but why so melancholic…?

    reader 🙂

  2. iPod

    I would like to pack my suitcase after reading your writing for traveling!

    One’s life would be similar to the traveling.
    Sometimes we don’t know where we should go,
    but sometimes we know exactly where we should go.
    And if we have a good guide book, traveling would be better.
    Someday, we arrive at a destination while we enjoy the traveling.
    It is not easy to enjoy even sadness for me,
    but after losing the ways several times, I may be able to do that.

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      At best we are water finding the path of least resistance. Me? I hate guide books, they feel like reading the back of the text before learning the lesson. Getting lost are the dancing lessons of God, like I lost your comment, my fingers dance upon these keys with your thoughts and tonight we mate. Why tonight? You tell me.

      1. iPod

        Maybe, God rolled the dice, but the results would be decided by us.
        Take it, or not.
        To be a destiny or to be an Accident.
        Anyway, thank you for replying me!
        By the way, guide books could be help from others, or good companies,
        since that means I can be with, or I can get.
        And I think, it would be much happier, if I were water.
        I could go anywhere by flowing, or by raining after becoming steam.

      2. cottonbombs Post author

        Congratulations! You are water! 80% That’s why we love looking at oceans, lakes, rivers: it’s 80% of our bodies wanting to go home. What’s with the other 20%? We mix like blood and water. Meaning things I can only guess at.

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