Snow Man Blues

Snow knows what’s coming. Spring. The life of his death itself, waiting right around the corner. A season waiting to be born any day, according to the groundhog. However, to get to Spring means the assassination of Winter, taking Snow right along with it as collateral damage.

‘Then, after Spring comes Fall, oh, wait, no, Summer, but what do I care about Summer?’ thought Snow, ‘when I won’t even make it through Spring. Summer’s another planet as far as I’m concerned. And Fall? Fall’s another galaxy far far away.’ Snow never thought to take that next step and see that after Fall comes his rebirth. Snow knows only sorrow and death in the future.

But Winter loved Fall and Spring and wanted to share them with Snow.

‘If only I could get him to turn around and look at Fall as the coming of life instead of a death threat. If only I could make Snow see the beauty in the breaking of the thaw, the love the rose petals have lifting themselves to the sun. If only I could make the snow see how he returns as rain kissing the rose wet with passion. If only I could make him see that warm weather burns itself out and fades to shades of Fall awakening leaves so vivid, till taking a leap of faith that the ground will catch them.’

March moaned to April and the Sun awoke from its hibernation. Snow began to sweat.

‘Oh no, I’m sweating! It’s not good for me to sweat! I’m burning up! I’m burning up!’ Snow began moaning.

Ice spoke up after a winter frozen in silence, “What are you moaning for?”

Snow, so absorbed in his own life melting away, could not look outside himself to see Ice was going through the exact same thing.

“You wouldn’t understand,” he told her. “My life is melting away right here, but, why should you care?”

She laughed at him, but gently. “Of course I understand. We’re connected by Water and Winter, which is why I can smile and kiss you hello. I’ll see you next Winter.”

And as they melted, their bodies mixed together as they were swallowed by Sky, reborn as clouds shaped like wings.


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