The Early Worm Gets Caught

It’s tough being a worm. Woody is particularly envious of other creatures’ speed of mobility. He looks up and sees every thing passing by so much faster, even the clouds look like they’re in fast forward.

And every thing, though they know it or not, is a natural predator of the worm. It could be a bird, falling branch or shoe, anything and everything can potentially squish Woody and Woody’s entire species.

Woody wanted to see the world, yet, felt limited, because he was blind. Woody sensed the world, he did not see it. Still, he wanted to sense all of it, though being a worm made getting around it pretty hard. Even crossing the street was sheer terror, knowing a car could come at anytime and flatten him.

Worms were slow physically, yet, hyper fast mentally. They had to be to make up for their physical handicap. They were smart enough to spend most of their time underground away from passing bird or sneaker. Yet, the braver of the worms would occasionally venture topside for a little fresh air.

‘The early worm gets caught by the bird,‘ was a common worm maxim. Worms were warned to watch out for dawn, and to burrow under ground to escape predatory birds, such as the early robin, or sparrow.

Now, Woody stood on one side of the road, twisting his head from side to side, trying to sense coming traffic. The air was still, with no vibration in the asphalt. Woody thought he’d make a run for the other side.

Probably the only thing a worm could beat in a 100 meter dash is a glacier. Though, Woody inched into the middle of the road with no sign of traffic, didn’t mean he was safe. He knew cars were hyper fast and could come out of nowhere any split second. Woody wondered if it was better to be dead before you know it, or, to sense your killer stalking you. That was Woody’s last thought before being run over by the Toyota’s tire, never getting the chance to decide.


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