Luke Skywalker on E

Darth Vader:  Luke, why won’t you fight me?

Luke:  Look at the lightsabers, man! Watch! Voom! Voom! Aren’t they pretty? They’re the coolest glow sticks ever! They make me want to dance! Move my body!

Darth Vader:  If you will not fight me, you will die.

Luke:  I just wanna dance! Why do you have to be such a killjoy? Stop stepping on my vibe, man! Use your glow stick for good! Move it around, it’s fun! Voom! Voom! I love that sound they make!

Darth:  Obi-wan has taught you insanely.

Luke:  Do you have any water? My mouth is dry.

Darth Vader:  Obi-wan never told you about your father.

Luke:  No, but he did sell me this awesome Ecstasy.

Darth Vader:  Luke, I am your father.

Luke:  Dad! I love you!  [Luke hugs Darth Vader.]

Darth Vader:  Obi-wan taught you to hug me?

Luke:  Hugs not Death Stars, Obi-wan always said. Here, Dad, try this.  [Luke hands  Darth Vader an Ecstasy pill.]

Darth Vader:  Son! You have the force to save me from the dark side! Everything is so much brighter now! Let’s dance all night, then go off and kill the Emperor in the morning.

Luke:  It’s a date, Dad! Here, move your lightsaber around in the air, try to follow the music. Here, let me turn it up. Don’t you just love the music of Ewoks?


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