The Day You Are Going To Die

If you could know the day you’re going to die

would you want to know

or is this ignorance bliss?

And if you did know, would you give up or would you try?

Would there be more passion in your kiss?

This terminal velocity of life

what goes up must come down

buried by sky then buried by ground.

I know it doesn’t make it any easier thinking of those who came before,

searching for salvation behind every door.

And if the gates of heaven are closed to you,

close your eyes and change your view.

Big Bang inside of you

starting with the next beat of your heart;

Big Bang inside of you,

it’s up to you to kick start.

And creation will be your salvation

make yourself into what you want to be.

Stop treating yourself like God’s only patient.

Now open your eyes, get off your knees

and see all that you can see

of this terminal velocity what goes up must come


married by sky divorced by ground.

We don’t need magic to exist

we just need to believe it could exist.

We don’t need proof for our faith

cause proof kills faith anyway.

We didn’t need to know the world is round,

we loved and died before Columbus found out.

We don’t need religion to help us pray,

we were children of God before religions were made.

These secrets keep us guessing

guessing keeps us interesting.

We don’t need to know why we love,

we just have to love the why, Love.


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