Private Eye Priest

Announcer:  He was just a regular priest, till he got the call.

[Telephone rings.]

Priest:  Hello?

God:  Father Flattery?

Priest:  Who is this?

God:  This is God. I have a job for you.

Priest:  I already work for you.

God:  I want you to find the men who killed my son.

Announcer:  From that day on he was Private Eye Priest, on a crusade to bring the murderers to justice!

[Private Eye Priest has suspect sitting in a wooden chair beneath a hot lamp.]

Priest:  Ok, Judas, fess up. You turned turncoat and sold him out for a few measly pieces of silver.

Judas:  Do you know what silver is worth these days?

Priest:  You gave him a kiss and gave him away.

Judas:  I loved him.

Priest:  And you knew you could never have him, so you had him killed.

Judas:  You’ve got nothing on me.

Priest[Opening Bible.]  I’ve got it all right here. Tell me what do you know about Matthew 26: 48?  Where were you on the night of April 6, Year 33?

Judas:  I was at a dinner party with some friends. There was lots of wine, Jesus is always so generous, so I don’t remember so well.

Priest:  I have the sworn written testimony of four eye witnesses: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John that you sold him out.

Judas:  You’ll never take me alive!  [Judas draws gun, fires. The hand of God reaches down and catches the bullet giving Private Eye Priest time to disarm and handcuff Judas.]

Priest:  Thanks, man!

Announcer:  Yes, Private Eye Priest, with his trusty sidekick, God, are one hell of a team!

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