May You Live in Interesting Times

“What do you do?” asked Walt.

“I’m a reporter, but, I’ve been off the past year on maternity leave,” answered Kate.

“So, you didn’t get to cover the Osama bin Laden story?”

This was Kate’s first party since the birth of her daughter. Her husband, Julius, was off getting drinks, leaving her to defend herself against the likes of Walt. “No,” Kate tried not to sound down, cause, she would have loved to have been on air to break that story. Then she thought of her daughter, and all thoughts of Osama bin Laden died, though her gut still hungered.

Walt had no clue that he was torturing Kate, saying, “Wow, that was a big big story.”

“There will be other big stories,” Kate said, then shuddered realizing a big big story was always related to a big big death toll. Thinking of her daughter, she hoped there would never be another big big story again. That was the moment Kate realized she no longer defined herself as a reporter, but as a mother.

“What do you do?” Diane would later ask her.

“I’m a mother.”

“You look familiar, don’t you report on Channel 9?”

“I breast feed four times a day, what do you do?”


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