Pitching a Tent in Your Livingroom

I don’t understand Canadians who go into the Canada Pavilion at Disney World. Why fly all the way down to tropical Florida to see what it looks like back home? What’s the point of this? Who wants to experience the great Canadian outdoors indoors? And in Florida?

You wanna know what they’re saying about us, is that it? You’re dying to know how Disney and the world see us. With this I can empathize, but it still seems ridiculous to travel looking for sights of home. Why did you leave home? So you can see what home looks like when placed in the middle of Florida?

“Hey, honey, what do you wanna do today? Go see Epcot? Captain Eo? Or, we could go to the beach… ?”

“I want to go inside a building and look at what we paid thousands of dollars to leave.”

“The Canada Pavilion! Again! What a super idea!”

We travel and go no where.


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